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The Official Biography of Rhonda V!

Rhonda V was bourne in Newport Beach, California 24 JUNE to her internationally renowned Thai (“fashion designer” / textile manufacturer) mother SUNANTA, once voted one of Thailand’s most beautiful women – and her part-time musician / entrepreneur (German/ Irish/ Spanish) father Manuel . Early on, Rhonda was “singled out” for her exotic looks and gemlike “green eyes” as she spent her formative years as a teen fashion model, who also enjoyed surfing, playing tennis, and exploring the “infinite” world of music, as a guitarist, pianist and percussionist.

It is widely reported that during her high school days in Costa Mesa, California, Rhonda spent most of her time being lured into a full-time music career by her early rock musical influences; Carlos Santana, Roger Waters, Jimmy Page, Mark Knopfler, Richie Blackmoor, Alex Lifeson, Robert Craye, and on the pop side according to those who knew her, claim that her tastes were a bit more eclectic as evidenced, in her obvious passion today, for the works of Michael Jackson, Rufus and Chaka Khan, Barry Manilow, Earth Wind & Fire and the legendary George Benson.

According to a recent article in Buzz magazine, Rhonda has been named one of the world’s most “electric performer’s” —often referred to by her peers as a “dreamy minimalist” for her “organic raw sound” and “sensuous” on- stage persona, she is a “raw” and “distinctive” talent poised to explode in a “revolutionary”, take no prisoners manner for all the world to see—live–and experience.

A true non-conformist, Rhondas approach to sound borders on the evolutionary as she successfully fuses the coolest elements of jazz, blues, funk, rock, and pop styles together in her musical compositions which leave the inevitable, “indelible mark” on all who are prepared to leave caution to the wind …. Rhonda fans beware….groove with extreme caution, and be forewarned – it is wise to take a rattlesnakes approach to her music, for once the listener is ensnared the real games begin. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. …… Great music is that which penetrates the ear with facility and leaves the memory with difficulty. Magical music never leaves the memory.


  • Project Ralph (guitars/ songwriter)
  • Taming Ingrid! (guitars/ songwriter)
  • Plan D (guitars/ songwriter) 

Placement/ Performances/ Features:

  • E! Television-Wild On Rocks Hollywood featured Taming Ingrid!
  • MTV’s “Sorority Life”
  • MTV’s “Meet the Greeks”
  • 2003 FIFA Womens World Cup/ Home Depot Center
  • Music Mentor ESPN Zone/ Anaheim, CA.
  • 2003 Lingerie Bowl Superbowl Launch Party- E! Television
  • Gibson Amphitheater - Peter Frampton
  • Gibson Amphitheater - Vanessa Williams
  • Gibson Amphitheater - Average White Band
  • Gibson Amphitheater - Michael McDonald
  • Gibson Amphitheater - Hall & Oats
  • Gibson Amphitheater - Styx
  • Slice Of Orange - Rick Derringer
  • Day On The Meadow Concert - Better Than Ezra
  • Dinah Shore /Palm Springs - Sophie B Hawkins
  • Martini Blues - Ike Turner
  • Coca Cola Rock N Roll Marathon
  • Suzuki Rock N Roll Marathon
  • Verizon Theatre/Irvine - Sprite Liquid Mix Tour - N.E.R.D
  • Orange County Music Awards - The Grove, Anaheim CA
  • Dave Norwoods Music Show - Los Angeles local television 

Radio Shows:

  • 102.7 fm KIIS Rick Dees in the Morning (national)
  • 95.5fm KLOS Local Licks Radio Show (featured artist)
  • 97.1fm KLSX Heidi, Frosty, Frank radio show (featured artist)
  • 90.9 fm KUOL (live interview)
  • 95.9 fm KEZY - (featured artist)
  • 106.5 fm the MIX - Bill & Marla Morning show (live interview/performance) 

Performance Venues:

  • The Viper Room - Los Angeles,CA
  • The Knitting Factory - Los Angeles,CA
  • Century Club - Century City,CA
  • Hollywood Athletic Club - Los Angeles,CA
  • Golden Nugget - Las Vegas,NV
  • Galaxy Concert Theatre-Costa Mesa,CA
  • Hard Rock Cafe’s - Los Angeles/Hollywood/Orange/Newport Beach/
  • San Diego/Sacramento/San Francisco,CA 
  • BB Kings Blues Club - Los Angeles,CA
  • Rainbow Bar & Grill - Los Angeles,CA 
  • The Derby - Los Angeles,CA 
  • The Joint - Los Angeles,CA 
  • NAMM Show - Anaheim,CA 
  • The BLOCK at Orange - Orange,CA 
  • Cal-Expo California State Fair Main Stage - Sacramento,CA 
  • UC Berkeley 
  • Universal City Walk - Los Angeles,CA 
  • UC Davis - Picnic Day Concert 
  • San Francisco Pier 39 4th of July Festival 
  • The Arrowhead Pond - Anaheim,CA 
  • Orange County Fair 
  • Los Angeles County Fair 
  • San Diego County Fair 
  • Sacramento County Fair 
  • San Jose America Festival 
  • National Orange Show - Pomona,CA 
  • Santa Barbara Fair & Expo 
  • Thai New YEar Festival - Los Angeles,CA 
  • International Pop Overthrow - Los Angeles,CA 

Sponsorships/ Endorsements:

  • Budweiser True Music Live - Southern California band 
  • Martin Guitars 
  • PRS guitars 
  • Maxon Effects 
  • Dunlop Guitar Accessories 
  • Nady Systems 
  • Taylor Guitars

Quotes from Industry Professionals

"The Martin Guitar Company is proud to be a part of Taming Ingrid's gear list and wishes the band all the best in support of their great original music... the arrangements are very smooth and listener friendly. The vocals are strong as hell, yet sweet as pie. Guitars are perfect... everything is right in the 'pocket '..." 

Chris Thomas 
Artist Relations and Publicity
Martin Guitar & Co.

"Taming Ingrid sent me their CD to consider for use on 'Sorority Life'. 'You Are All That' fit perfectly for one of the scenes. I am really glad that we could find a place for Taming Ingrid in the show. I am definitely looking forward to hearing more music from the band... Rhonda Valles of Taming Ingrid is a unique talent. It's not often that you see a female lead guitarist. Rhonda definitely adds a great energy to the band. She makes Taming Ingrid that much more fun!" 

Trina Coletti 
Music Supervisor 
MTV "Sorority Life"

"Rhonda's catchy rhythms and good looks separate her from the competition. She complements Taming Ingrid in ways the stereotypical female and male guitar players can't."

Bobby Focht

Marketing Coordinator

"Hot chick, lead guitar, what can I say... Rhonda rocks the roof with her intense rhythms and memorable solo's - somebody better polish this diamond quick!

The Rick Dees in the Morning Show
102.7 KIIS-FM, Los Angeles

"Watching Taming Ingrid perform on stage is to see a group already coming into its own, armed with a catalog of songs, a strong stage presence and sound that sets it apart..."

Robert Kinsler
Orange County Register
click here to read whole article

" that was deliriously catchy, hooky rock songs, filled with color and allure, enough to stick with you a while....At the very least, Taming Ingrid ought to be opening shows on the Coach House/Galaxy Concert Theatre/Grove of Anaheim/House of Blues circuit..."

Rich Kane
OC Weekly
click here to read whole article

Rhonda Valles is a wonderful guitarist, whose ability to unleash dazzling and melodic fretwork is a rare gift in a pop world noteworthy for its profound lack of original musicians."

"Rhonda is a very hard working success minded 'millenium woman'. Monica and her work perfect together on stage and her guitar playing is one of the key ingredients to Taming Ingrid's sound... there is a ton of passion about music in (Monica's) soul... she was born to perform and make her audience 'feel' her music and her message"

Dino Maddalone
Dino M III Recording Facility

"These girls can write and sing. I believe Taming Ingrid has a very bright future!!"

Eddy Schreyer
Mastering Engineer
Oasis Mastering

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